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Photoalbum «Nil Monastery»

Nil Monastery, one of the largest and most beautiful monasteries of Russia, has been situated on Stolobny island since the middle of the 16th century. Stolobny is one of a set of islands of the Seliger Lake. Saint Nil Stolobensky's monastery is the real monastic town on the island, one of the most visited sacred lands of Russia. There is everything for autonomous existence in the monastery: own kitchen gardens, cages for fish, bakery. Nil monastery is of great interest for pilgrims and simply tourists. Now there are about 40 monks, from them 14 priests, here; the prior is Archimandrite Arcady. The monastery is surrounded with waters of Seliger Lake all around.
Nil Monastery. Братский корпус. Nil Monastery. Братский корпус. Ночь. Nil Monastery Nil Monastery Nil Monastery Nil Monastery Nil Monastery. Остров Соборный. Nil Monastery. Озеро Селигер. Канал Копанка, искусственный канал, вырытый монахами. Nil Monastery. Озеро Селигер, после бури. Nil Monastery Nil Monastery. Рассвет над монастырем. Озеро Селигер. Nil Monastery. Собор Богоявления Господня и Архиерейская пристань. Nil Monastery. Надвратная Светлицкая башня. Nil Monastery. Церковь Воздвижения Креста Господня.
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