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герб Tver region Tver region



Population: 411 ths
Founded: 1135
Pictures of buildings
(houses): 1118

Tver region is a part of Central Federal District. It has the borders with the following regions: Vologda, Novgorod, Yaroslavl, Pskov, Smolensk and Moscow.

Administrative center of Tver region is the city of Tver. It is the most populous the city of the region. Population of the Tver region numbers 1 325 249.

There are some environmentally protected sites in Tver region, for example, Zavidovo, the national park which is one of prestigious holiday destination of the region. A residence of the Russian President is located In this state complex.

The history of the most ancient cities of the Tver region (Tver, Torzhok, Toropets, Bezhetsk) began some centuries ago. So, there are architectural monuments of different periods in the territory of the region. There is an Imperial Palace (1764-1766) in Tver built in classical style with elements of baroque. Many pilgrims come to the Seliger Lake to visit Nilo-Stolobenskaya pustyn. There is the apiary, dairy and woodworking shop, a jeweler’s workshop in the territory of the monastery. Ancient houses in a wooden modernist style can be seen in the city of Kimry. The Boris and Gleb Monastery being one of the most ancient orthodox monasteries of Russia and founded by the Reverend Yefrem in 1038 is located in Torzhok.

Cultural life of Tver region is presented by many cultural and entertaining establishments. Among them are theaters, museums, libraries, regional philharmonic hall.

The rich historical and cultural heritage of the Tver region attracts here a large number of tourists.



Population: 47 ths
Founded: 1546
Pictures of buildings
(houses): 236


Population: 17 ths
Founded: 1371
Pictures of buildings
(houses): 383
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